2 huoneen talo 56 m² kaupungissa Helsinki

Kalteentie 2, C 022, 00770, Helsinki, Suurmetsä

56 m2
2 makuuhuonetta
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Kalteentie 2

Every home in this three-storey building located by a park right by the border between Helsinki and Vantaa has a balcony and a clean and practical layout. There is space for a washing machine in the bathrooms. There are sheltered grounds between the buildings for play and relaxation.

The homes are located by a park right by the border between Helsinki and Vantaa. There is easy access from Kalteentie by bus to destinations such as Puistola and Tikkurila, both of which also have smooth transport links to further destinations by train. There is also a direct bus service to the centre of Helsinki. There is a primary and lower secondary school as well as many day care centres nearby. The nearest general upper secondary school is around 3 km away. All everyday services and the health station and library can also be found within walking distance. Also located very close is the Slåttmossen nature reserve, which offers excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation.For transport links, see the HSL Journey Planner »

This home has a super sale price of 465 €/mo for the first 3 months. The contract is valid until further notice with minimum rent term of 11 months. Rent after 3 months is 930 €/mo. The contract start date must be [PIILOTETTU] at the latest.

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