2 huoneen talo 61 m² kaupungissa Espoo

Rummunlyöjänkatu 11 D-E, D 024, 02600, Espoo, Leppävaara

61 m2
2 makuuhuonetta
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Rummunlyöjänkatu 11 D-E

The biggest asset of this building located on the western edge of Leppävaara is its prime location close to the commuter train station and shopping centre. The units on the north side of the building have clear views beyond the train line while triple-glassed-in windows keep any noises out. This building of SATO rentals stands between two identical buildings of owner-occupied homes and features a peaceful play area raised from the street level as well as underground parking.
The units at this modern building qualify as four-star SATO QualityHomes. Oak laminate flooring, tiled bathrooms of understated elegance and large glassed-in balconies give the units the feel of tranquillity.

With its 60,000 residents, Leppävaara is the largest centre for housing and commerce in Espoo. The range of services available in the area is excellent and the shopping centre next to the commuter train station houses e.g. a cinema and library, several restaurants and more than 160 shops. Leppävaara is also an ideal place to live for lovers of exercise, as there is a sports park, riding stables and ice rink in the area.
Besides the train, Rummunlyöjänkatu street is also accessible by several Espoo city buses and regional buses.
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