Moving out for the first time? You should keep this in mind!

Latest update: June 13, 2024

If you are moving away from home for the first time, there can be a lot to think about and there are certainly even things that you do not even know you should think about that should actually be arranged. In this handy list, we collect a lot that you should remember to arrange that facilitates your move away from home.

1. Budget

The first important thing is to have a budget. It may sound scary, but if you do not want or have the tools to plan in detail, you can be calm. A budget does not have to be more than an estimate of what things cost and how much you are willing to spend on things. With advantage, a budget should of course be anchored in what you have for income and any savings that you have to dispose of in connection with your move. Since you are about to move, you are already aware of various fixed expenses such as your upcoming rent. If you collect all your fixed fees, you can see what you have left to dispose of other things and what your budget allows in the form of pleasure or travel, for example.

You must do this before you move. You will then not get a shock when you pay your rent and realize that you have just bought a new TV so you do not have enough money. Especially the first time you have to move away from home and need to pick up furniture for example, they can be large costs, and then it is important that you have an idea of ​​how much money you have to dispose of and what you want or can put on things .

Budget is therefore A and O for you to cope with this change in your life. 


2. Written Contract

Like many other monumental things in life, it is important that it goes right. A written contract is the safest way to get a legally binding agreement where everything from your rent to your rights and obligations is stated. What is important is that regardless of whether you are moving into your own home or whether you may just be moving in with a friend, it is equally important that you get a written contract. It is the basis, as I said, for what it is that applies to you and is extremely important if, for example, you are to refer to an authority that you live in a certain place, for example if you are to apply for housing allowance. Regardless of the situation… WRITE CONTRACT.


3. Insurance

Something else that can be a little overwhelming to fix for the first time is insurance. Insurance is available in case you happen to something in relation to your home. When we talk about insurance, there are several different types of insurance, often with different prices and covering different things. The important thing in this case is home insurance, but it can also differ whether it covers electronics in the home or not and other things. To get one that suits you best, it is necessary to read a little and think what it really is for something you have for something. For example, if you do not have a TV, you may not need a more expensive insurance that covers electronics, but if you are a gamer, it might be a good idea.



4. Subscriptions

If you have not moved away from home, there are many things that just flow that you have not thought about that you need to fix yourself now. You come home and your internet only works, for example. But now it is something you can possibly choose and familiarize yourself with. Find out what kind of broadband opportunities there are in the property you are moving into or if it might even be part of your rent. It should be on your written contract that you have;) If you are going to arrange it yourself, you must make sure what exactly is to be arranged by you. Should you buy a router yourself for example. If you do not understand what it really is that needs to be in place, then Google is your best friend in this case.

In addition to the internet, you may also need to sign up for a subscription for your electricity. This also depends on their lease, but if you are going to choose an electricity supplier yourself, there are many to choose from that have a slightly different profile. Google is also your best friend when it comes to understanding electricity and how it all works. Be sure to set aside time to really understand how it works and what you need to do for something. 

Good luck with the move!

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